FSU Players Take Part in ACC Media Gathering

Greensboro, NC-- This past week the SEC owned the spotlight in terms of preseason hype and talking about the season ahead.

This weekend it's the ACC's turn, as that conference is holding it's media gathering in Greensboro, the players holding court Sunday, the coaches speak Monday.

Among the players Jimbo took north with him, EJ Manuel and Brandon Jenkins, both expected to have big time leadership roles!

"As far as my maturation in the offense," says Manuel, the senior quarterback. "I've learned the concepts from coach Fisher and that's why I came to Florida State, he was the quarterbacks coach when I came to Florida State. I wanted to play for him and learn under him, learn his style of offense. Like I said, with a dry erase board, it sounds simple, but I think it's gonna go a long way for me personally as a quarterback."

Jenkins meanwhile seems like he's chomping at the bit to get into camp.

"I can't wait to strap on the helmet and play football." says the senior Defensive Lineman. "That's one thing that Jimbo is stressing this year, just go out and play football and not worry about the outside things. And the expectations that you want to live up to. You know, just going out like when you were a little kid, in the back yard, playing football and just having fun."

The fun begins for Jenkins and the Seminole fans when FSU hosts Murray State September 1st.