FSU Set to Open New Indoor Practice Facility

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TALLAHASSEE-- It's routine for football coaches across the region to worry about losing workouts to bad weather! That's no longer a concern for Jimbo Fisher and the Florida State Seminoles.

FSU is set to officially unveil a brand new, indoor practice facility, and to say the least, it's "state of the art", as Assistant Athletic Director to Media Rob Wilson explains,

"I don't know what's more impressive, the size of it or how quickly it went up."

Wilson's talking about the beautiful 90 thousand square foot indoor facility that will allow Jimbo and company to practice without being concerned about typical August north Florida weather patterns.

Wilson explains that other than the Bowl game last January, every thing has gone very smoothly,

"We started the day after the Florida game. We practice for the bowl game on intramural fields that luckily are close by but here we are August first and we are gonna be ready to go with this facility."

Looking from above, you can see it's an impressive structure, along with a beautiful field, Seminole logo and all! The synthetic "field turf" is the best money can buy. The building stacks up to, or surpasses all facilities on the campuses of other big time programs like 'bama and auburn. And as Wilson says, that kind of quality isn't cheap,

"$15 million dollars. $15 million dollars was the final tab which was all raised through private funds."

Count the Panhandle Area Booster Club among those contributors, our own Chris Smith, the incoming president of the local FSU club, knows a little something about that!

"It's pretty cool." Smith says. "You know it's pretty humbling to be a representative of a group of people that gave a $100,000. No individual gave a $100,000 it was a group of several hundred people that did it and ti kind of represent them and be inside of here is pretty impressive."

Call it the realization of a dream started towards the end of the Bowden era, and continued by coach Fisher.

It's a facility that will no doubt save a countless number of practices for the Seminoles come August and the fall.