FSU Alum Set for Olympic Vault

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Tallahassee, FL--She is one of the many current, and former Seminoles looking ahead to living the Olympic dream in London.

Sarasota native Lacy Janson pole-vaulted her way to two national and 8 ACC titles!

Now Lacy's taking a shot at winning one for her country, as well as her school and herself!

Janson always dreamed of being Olympian.

'Every four years I watched and the music comes on, and it just gives me the chills and so, it's been a part of my athletic dream since I was real young."

Once Lacy found her calling with pole vault, her coaches knew it was only a matter of time before she represented the red, white and blue on the Olympic stage. Her coach Dennis Nobles predicted it way back in 2004. Nobles has been Lacy's coach since her freshman year at Florida State in 2002.

"She was determined to do her best and let the chips fall where they would.' says Nobles. "She told me, if I can go do my best and finish fourth or fifth, that's all that I can expect."

At her third trials, she finally qualified for the Olympics.

"I put my time in.' says Janson. "I prepared the best way I could. I feel like it really paid off."

Two weeks after earning her spot, the reality of becoming an Olympian is starting to set in.

"I got fitted for the opening ceremonies outfit and I came out and I was like, woa, I look like what I've been seeing on TV all these years Janson adds. "This is starting to feel a little bit more real."
In August, a dream over ten years in the making will be realized, when she will be highlighted at the Olympics.

The opening ceremonies two weeks from tomorrow, Lacy will begin competing August 4th, so watch for that!