FSU and Miami Game Still Matters to Players and Fans

Tallahassee, Fla- Miami and Florida State game was once filled with serious hype and anticipation. There was a stretch, not long ago, when these two were always in the top ten, and this rivalry was pretty much a national semifinal, if you will. That's no longer the case, but don't tell Jimbo Fisher and his guys this game isn't bigger than most.

"I still think these are critical games, these rivalry games. They're important to the people who went to school here in the past. And people that are going to go to school here in the future, the recruiting battles and all those things. That's one of those things that unique, that we love about athletics, the rivalry games. It brings out the best in you and it makes it very important."

FSU working to stretch it's winning streak to five and perhaps climb it's way back into the top 25 and position itself for a top tier bowl game. Kickoff at Doak Saturday 3:30 eastern.

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