FSU preps for a Thursday night game against N.C.State

In college ball and Thursday night Florida State heads north to Raleigh to take on North Carolina State. Bay alum Bert Reed, the hero against B.C. with the game winning touchdown a week and a half ago.
He and his mates hoping they can rack up their 6th straight win, Bert says having off last week should help achieve that goal.

Bert Reed
FSU Receiver

"I think it came at a great time, to get us back to our basics, back to our fundamentals. And give us a little rest time, get our bodies back right. Get our minds back fresh a little bit, and get back to this thing, second half of the season if we can get going with a little more excitement and get this thing back rolling."

That game tomorrow night set for 7:30 eastern, Florida State's favored by a field goal.

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