FSU's Watson Gets "Enhanced" Conference Championship Ring

Undated---Who knew Florida State players could win an SEC Championship!

Actually they can't. As we all know FSU plays in the ACC. Somebody at one of the big ring companies though didn't know that. FSU offensive lineman Menelik Watson, recently drafted by the Raiders, tweeted out the following Wednesday night:

"Just got my Championship rings. Apparently I'm the only player in FSU history to win an SEC Championship! #Legendary."

A close look at his title ring shows the correct ACC title game opponent and final score, but above it, it reads "SEC Champions"

At first many believed the picture to be a fake, but Watson, through a text, responded to the Orlando Sentinel that it's legit.

FSU football's twitter account confirmed that saying it appears his ring was a "isolated mistake," and ":Watson will soon be receiving a new ring."

The school also saying that was the only "defective" ring sent out. Wonder if Menelik gets to keep it?