FWB and Choctaw Play Inaugural Girls Flag Football Game

Fort Walton Beach, FL---If someone told you it was football season again, you might think they were referring to high spring ball.

Well, you would be wrong.

Actually four teams in Okaloosa County are into their first ever girl's flag football season.

Schools in other parts of the state have been playing competitive flag football a few years.

This spring, Crestview, Niceville, Choctaw. and Fort Walton Beach all officially getting into the sport. Tonight the first games being played, Niceville at Crestview, and this one, Choctaw. at Fort Walton Beach.

"Oh yeah they're really pumped," Lady Vikings Head Coach Logan Walls. "The majority of them are cheerleaders, soccer players, will make up the majority of the team. They're all excited, really competitive and ready to go. We started our first practice two weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago now. So from there we put up our first fliers, had the girls show up. And the girls that were able to stick around that's who makes up our team. So we got a lot of good girls and they're ready to play.

Lady Indians won tonight 26-6, but you'll hear more from this start-up sport early next week, as the players and coaches discuss their excitement for the new opportunity.