Felony Charges Dropped Against Chipola Players, One Back Playing

Marianna, FL---Heading down the stretch of the conference season, it appears as if the Chipola Indians are getting back towards full strength as far as the roster is concerned.

A few weeks ago three key players, Cinmeon Bowers, Jamaar McKay and Torian Graham were all suspended from the team after their arrest following a traffic stop in Marianna. Police accused the players of trying to destroy evidence by eating the marijuana they had with them in the car.

Now, following the school's internal investigation, and the dropping of the felony charge, at least one of those players is back with the team ready to play.

"The felony charges have been dropped." says Chipola head coach Patrick Blake. "They've been allowed to come back. As of last week. For now, Jamaar McKay is with the team. And Torian Graham and Cinmeon Bowers are back at practice, but for the moment they will not be playing."

The Indians falling to Northwest Florida Wednesday night 90-73. That left both these teams at 4-4 in league play, tied for first place.

The Indians will be back on the road Saturday at Pensacola, which at 3-5, is tied with Gulf Coast, just a game behind the two first place teams. Northwest Florida hosts Tallahassee Saturday night.

Coach Blake says times like this where four teams are battling so close for two spots, there's nothing better than excitement like this.

"Well I think this is what you live for. The summer workouts, the non-conference schedule, just only having games on Saturday, they can get very competitive and you can find yourself coasting sometimes. Because ultimately this is why they come to Chipola, you want to play in these types of games, you want to compete against the best with everything riding on the line. We were just talking about it, you know I get goose bumps just thinking about it right now."