Finch Talks About Racing in Daytona

Daytona Beach, FL--Phoenix Racing Team owner James Finch and his crew are at the famed speedway to run both the Nationwide race Friday night and the Sprint Cup's Coca Cola 400 Saturday night.

James and the Phoenix Team with plenty of optimism heading into that latter event. Phoenix has traditionally run well at Daytona.

And in recent weeks Kurt Busch seems to be meshing with the team better, posting a third in Sonoma just a few weeks ago.

I spoke about that Thursday afternoon with Finch, who's down in Daytona.

"Well you know it's just getting a rhythm going, and getting the team together. You know just learning each other and all. And we've been to about all the races now, we're halfway through the season we've run about all the races one time and we're going back for the second time."

James says he still doesn't have a sponsor lined up for the Cup run Saturday night, but that could change in the next day or so. That Cup race Saturday night set for 5:30 central.

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