Finch Talks About Win at Daytona Friday

Panama City Beach, FL-- Heading into the Nationwide and Cup races at Daytona last week, Phoenix Racing Owner James Finch decided to have the shops paint his car a bright day-glow orange so they would really stick out!

Well it paid off, especially Friday night as Kurt Busch, despite overheating with a few laps to go, was able to avoid a late wreck, and then retake the lead shortly after the re-start, to win the Nationwide Subway 250!

That giving Phoenix racing it's first win of the year, and today as he vacationed down in Key West, I spoke with Finch about that thrilling win.

"After the wreck, we had the damage with a few laps to go," says Finch "I didn't think we could get a win out of it. He started in the back I went to the bathroom, couple laps later he was leading the race. (laughs) So that was good, we won the thing, and then tore up Saturday night."

Yeah through no fault of his own, Busch pushed into the wall during the Cup race Saturday. So that certainly dimmed the enthusiasm of the team just a bit, but not completely. The Phoenix crew still celebrating a victory, and that carries over for awhile, says Finch.

"Yes it does. You know I went down there hoping to win both of them but it didn't work out. At least I won one. I would have preferred to win the one Saturday over the one Friday, but you gotta take the win with that bunch, when you can you know."

Finch says winning Friday did make his phone ring a bit from potential sponsors though he says it's a tough economy right now and it's difficult for folks to put up the kind of money necessary to run a team like his.