First Year Mosley Coach Seeing Good Response in Summer Workouts

Lynn Haven, FL---When it comes to high school football, technically fall practice doesn't start until August 6th. Nonetheless scores of young men are taking part in summer workouts, in the weight rooms, and on the field.

Such is the case for Mosley, now under the direction of first year coach Jeremy Brown.

"We go Monday through Thursday with our summer program," says coach Brown. "We go from about 7 to 10. We lift in the morning about an hour. We come out and do some speed conditioning and agility. We have some heavy run days built in there. On Thursdays after we lift we come out and the kids behind me are playing gator ball. It's an innovative football game to get them competing, running around. It's really a conditioning period while they're having a little fun, they're excited. Kind of gets them in a great frame of mind."

Along with all of that, they've built themselves a big sandbox and that's for some "mano-a-mano" wrestling.

Coach Brown says he's averaging 50-60 kids a day this summer, an indication of how dedicated the Mosley players are to coach Brown and what he's working to accomplish.