Fisher Discusses FSU's BCS Title Hopes

Tallahassee, FL---The Florida State Seminoles would like to think they are still relevant in terms of the national title picture.

Certainly the 'noles must win out, starting tomorrow night at Virginia Tech.

FSU also needs several teams in front of them lose to have any prayer of getting into the BCS title game.

Jimbo Fisher seems aware of that, but is trying not to spend much time thinking about all that!

"I don't really understand all the computer stuff, I really don't." coach Fisher admits. "Some like you, some don't. I'm kind of lost on that fact. We just said this, we just play until the end of the deal and see what happens. There's a lot of games going on. This weekend could have been real interesting, about three plays in three games and that could have been real interesting. I don't let it frustrate me because I can't control it. If it were something I could control, it would frustrate you as a coach, you'd want to fix it. But you just gotta go on, you gotta play well. We still got all our goals out there, and you never know what will happen."

That game Thursday night in Blacksburg set for 6:30 central.