Fisher Liking the Attitude of His Seminoles So Far

Tallahassee, FL---It's apparent FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher likes what he's seen so far from his team following the first week of practice.

Coach Fisher, speaking Sunday at Florida State's Media Day session says you can't get too excited about anything after just a handful of workouts, but when asked what he was most excited about after week one, his reply was direct.

"You know I think attitude." Fisher said. "I really think the attitude of our football team has been the most exciting. Now that attitude's usually very good these five or six, but we're going to see as we get into the dog days. But the ability of communication throughout the whole football team, in the organization. From coaches to players, players to coaches, players to players. Even coaches, I mean I think everyone's on the same page, heading in the same direction. Very excited for that."

Coach Fisher and his guys already making good use of that indoor facility. He even joked that one day last week, as a storm approached and the team was outside, he thought of calling practice. Then was reminded by his assistant coaches and players that all they had to do was move inside. They did, and practice continued.