Fisher Meets Press at ACC Media Days

Greensboro, NC---Certainly when you are the defending national champs, the spotlight on you is rather bright! FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher seems to be getting more and more comfy in that bright spotlight.

Fisher and his fellow ACC coaches lining up in front of the cameras and microphones today during day two of the ACC Media Days.

Jimbo asked Monday about having to defend the title, and he says he wants his guys to forget about defending anything, because it's a new team, new season ahead.

"It's all about what you do now. You have to live in the moment you have to proceed to the future. Learn from our past experiences, grow from them. And then be hungry enough to go play great football this fall."

No surprise to see Florida State being voted the overwhelming favorite to win the ACC, though coach Fisher has a humorous take on that.

He reminded reporters they picked Clemson last year. And it seems, says Fisher, reporters get it wrong a lot. And if the press had to keep track of when they get it right and when they get it wrong, and were judged like coaches are judged on winning percentages, most reporters would be out of a job.