Fisher Not Ready to Name Starting Qb Heading into Fall Practice

Greensboro, NC---Is there going to be quarterback controversy in Tallahassee this August? Well Jimbo Fisher not doing much to squash that kind of question Monday at the ACC Media Days in Greensboro.

Among the first few questions tossed Fisher's way, who will be your starting quarterback in the fall? Everyone assumes Jameis Winston will be the guy, but Jimbo says the other redshirt freshman Jacob Coker is certainly in the mix, given they both played very well in the spring.

"I think they both have a great knowledge of our offense." coach Fisher said. "I think they both understand what they're capable of physically. And now can you do it consistently. That's what I want to wait and see. I want to see how they handle fall camp. I've seen spring time heroes and when fall comes, it doesn't work that way. I don't think this is the case. I think both guys will continue to progress. But I want to see who can stay consistent throughout that whole process."

Jimbo says he's set no time frame for himself in terms of naming the starter. He says he'll know "when he knows."

By the way, Clemson and Miami the media's choice up there to win their respective divisions, with Clemson the pick to win the league. FSU opens September 2nd at Pitt.