Fisher Rants About College Ranking System

Tallahassee, FL---For the Florida State football team what's next os a date Saturday afternoon with a 4-5 Maryland team, that in College Park.

FSU coming off the win at Virginia Tech last Thursday night, in a game where they were heavy favorites, but had to rally in the final minute to get that win.

So FSU now 9-1 overall, and with a win over the Terps will be in the ACC title game.

They're currently ranked 10th in the AP and also 10th in the BCS, and all that not sitting too well with coach Fisher, who Monday took to the podium and griped big time about FSU's spot in terms of the national championship picture!

""We're going down a...I think it stinks.I think it stinks. I think the BCS with all these computers and all this stuff, and I'm going to tell you what, the playoff in which we have right now, ain't gonna solve it either. What's a playoff gonna solve, I mean you still got the same situation. I don't think...we're going down they do...they gotta change how we pick the top teams in this country. They gotta change it, it ain't working. I think it was better in the old days, when you did it by the eye test and everybody didn't have a championship game. You went to your bowl game and figured he's the best guy. I mean, When you really get down to it, the way it's going now, makes no sense to me."

Jimbo, among other things, mad that some computers have Clemson ahead of FSU even though the 'noles beat the Tigers.

Still, Fisher's argument, at least in terms of FSU's standing, seems illogical since the "eye test", again the AP voters, has them in the same spot as the BCS which combines human and computer polls.

And let's face it, given the ease of FSU's schedule, two FCS teams included, and how it's struggled against weak conference foes, 10th seems more than fair!