Fisher Talks About 2013 Opener at Pitt

GREENSBORO, NC--- It's almost tradition big time college football programs start their seasons with very winnable games, against over matched opponents.

That's not the case this coming September for the Florida State Seminoles. Jimbo Fisher and his guys will start 2013 on the road against one of the ACC's newest members, Pittsburgh.

Coach Fisher asked about that this week at the ACC Media Days in Greensboro. He seems to welcome the idea of starting with a tough game right off the bat.

"There is no doubt. I think the summer has been very good." coach Fisher says. "I'm hearing reports our kids are very excited, our players are saying 'coach we're working harder than we've ever worked. We're having a great summer, guys are doing this, guys are doing that.' They're very excited about it. I think it makes you focused in fall camp, knowing you've got a great opponent that first game. I think it makes you dot i's and cross t's and not make you so complacent on certain things."

That nationally televised game is set for Monday night, September 2. That's just 40 days away.