Fisher Talks About "Eliminating the Clutter"!

Tallahassee, FL---It is the next test for the Seminoles, and you have to wonder how ready the 'noles are for it.

That test comes Saturday night at N.C. State. Certainly the Seminoles looking rather ordinary in the win at South Florida. Perhaps the players having trouble dealing with the hype after the big win over Clemson. Jimbo Fisher is aware of that possibility.

"You gotta handle your situation and ignore it, you gotta go on, doesn't matter, matters what you do next week. You can't take the points from last week with you, can't take anything. You gotta go do it every week, gotta crank it up. We'll see the maturity of our team. We'll challenge them, we'll talk about it, we'll address it. I won't hide it. I wanna see if we can take that step. You're only a national champion if you win each week and do the things you have to do. And that's what you have to do, eliminate the clutter."

NC State by the way now 3-2 coming off a loss in Miami. That game in Greensboro set for 6 central.