Fisher Talks About Importance of Florida Rivalry

Tallahassee, FL---For Florida and Florida State fans, how nice is it to be looking forward to that rivalry and having the game really mean something on the national stage again.

Both teams taking care of business Saturday, the 'noles simply dominating Maryland in a game that was never in question.

So both the Gators and Seminoles 10-1 and thanks to K-State and Oregon losing over the weekend, well they're both still alive in the BCS title game picture!

That's great says FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, but this week, it's all about the rivalry, which means so much to the players and coaches.

"I take these very seriously, they're important for your program and where you want to go on down the road." says Fisher. "But these are great games and what you love to compete in. You know what I mean. The fan base wants to win them, and we do, and don't get me wrong, we do too. But you love to compete in these games as a competitor. To be able to do that. They are games that we take very, very, very seriously and we're fortunate to play in one of this magnitude."

As for the Gators, coach Muschamp saying today quarterback Jeff Driskel will be back on the field for Florida for that game at Doak.

How much Driskel plays, says Muschamp, is another matter. Jacoby Brissett filled in Saturday in Florida's 23-0 win over Jacksonville State, was 14-for-22 for 122 yards, with Florida keeping it on the ground for the most part.