Fisher Talks About New CFB Playoff Format

Panama City, FL---Jimbo Fisher seems to view the new college football playoff format as uncharted waters. He like most coaches seems to be in favor of adding more teams to the process of determining a champ at the end of the season, but there are some variables that arise with this new process.

The old, two team BCS formula is out, and a four team playoff, with those four teams chosen by committee, is in.

Coach Fisher talked about those Monday during his time in front of the cameras at the ACC Media Days session in Greensboro.

"I think we're all gonna be in uncharted waters, and we have to have a plan if we plan to be in that situation. And we all plan to be there. Of getting that calculation of how hard you work to get guys into that game. Because before it was a one game deal. Now you get to ten days after and how are you gonna handle the travel back and forth. And all those logistics are very critical. But everybody's gonna have the same chance and everybody's gonna have the same problems, being in uncharted waters themselves. But that's the goal, if you want to be a champion you've got to get in. And so I think the excitement will override all those things. We're looking forward to it too. It will be very exciting and a great challenge."

Certainly having the Heisman winner returning and leading a potent FSU offense has many predicting the 'noles will be in that playoff mix.