Fisher Talks About Winston's Progress in Game 2

Tallahasseee, FL---The Florida State football team seems to be on cruise control for the time being. FSU coming off the 62-7 whipping of Nevada and headed to what should be another beatdown of Bethune Cookman.

Especially if redshirt freshman Jameis Winston continues to perform at the level he's played his first two games this season.

His numbers Saturday 15-18, 214 yards and two t-d passes. Here's Fisher's evaluation Monday of Winston's work.

"Making a decision, a ball here, I probably should have made a read here, for the most part the run checks were good. A couple decisions in the passing game I wish he would have went to a different guy. But he hit guys, made completions. Could have made better choices. But you gotta be careful too. As long as a guy's making completions and he understands, you can get too technical and not let him react and play. You gotta be careful how you do that. But for the most part I thought he played well. The high throw early, that part of the field we would rather be a little safer, with that decision. But the throw was there, it was a high throw. So but I like the way he bounced back from that and not just the way he bounced back but he didn't lose his aggression."

Again with grotesquely over matched Bethune coming to Doak Saturday, keeping his guys focused in practice this week likely to be Jimbo's toughest task. That game set for 6 eastern.