Fisher Works to Control Hype Surrounding Winston

Tallahassee, FL---The Florida State football team is back in "game week" mode after taking some time off following that prime time Labor Day win at Pitt.

No doubt it was a very upbeat atmosphere in Tallahassee this past week, as the Seminoles celebrated a convincing win in front of a national tv audience. It's obvious Jimbo Fisher's found a budding star at quarterback.

As his team gets set for the home opener against Nevada Saturday, though, Fisher's still working to put things in perspective as far as the performance of Famous Jameis goes.

"There is more to this team than Jameis Winston." Fisher said Monday. "Now Jameis is doing well, I'm very proud of Jameis, I love Jameis. But we have other good football players. Again quarterbacks get a lot of glory and they get a lot of blame. And a lot of it has to do with how well people play around them. When those receivers get to the right spots and we protect him, and we're able to run the football and we get some play-action, and create some things, it makes he's gotta go out and execute that. Don't get me wrong I'm taking nothing away from how he played. I thought he played extremely well. But I thought the guys around him did too."

Nevada a 1-1 team out of the Mountain West, a 58-20 loss to UCLA, a win over UC-Davis. That game at Doak set for 3:30 eastern, Florida State favored by 32.