Fisher Works to Explain Tough Loss at N.C. State

Tallahassee, FL--To say the least, the level of frustration among the Florida State football faithful is rather high.

We certainly don't have to tell Seminole fans how this seems like, as Yogi might put it, "deja vu all over again."

A team that looks rather strong in the early going, but somehow manages to lose a game against a big underdog, leaving FSU pretty much out of the national championship picture yet again.

That leaving all to wonder if this team will even finally get back to the top of the ACC hill.

Without a doubt, Jimbo Fisher's becoming all too familiar trying to explain away devastating losses!

"Things gradually slip, when I actually thought we had good practices. But I think it's a matter of focus. You know you start playing 6, 7 games, things are going well, you feel good, you kind of think I can do this and maybe you just slip a hair mentally instead of focusing and concentrating. And I think that's human nature in everybody. And we have to continue to emphasize that and hopefully our kids learned a valuable lesson in that you don't know what play changes a game. That's the thing as a coach you constantly preach. And it's part of growing up. You have to understand the importance of every situation that occurs."

The Seminoles looking to regroup with a home game against a 1-4 Boston College team. Kickoff at Doak 5:30 eastern.