Fisher and Malzahn Discuss Lenghty Game Layoff

Pasadena, CA --- As anticipation and excitement builds for the BCS National Championship game tomorrow night, we continue our daily coverage from Southern California where NewsChannel 7 Sports own Scott Rossman is bringing you directly to Florida State and Auburn as the title game rapidly approaches.

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena where tomorrow night the Seminoles and Tigers will go at it to determine the 2013 national championship.

As of midday yesterday the players and practices cut off from the media. The two head coaches though meeting with reporters this morning in Newport Beach and talking about the two challenges facing their teams.

"I think just keeping your emotions in check," said FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher. "I think in practice as well. You have to practice well. You have to focus. But I think emotions are key to me in rivalry games, in big games like this because you can get yourself dialed in on a day to day basis. That's got to be a habit. You go to play you play a certain way. But your emotions can only stay at that top level, that high peak, for a certain amount of time. And if you get there too quick, I think it could be detrimental and it could wear you out. And I think just making sure the emotional part of it, making sure you peak at the right time when we come in to the game tomorrow that we'll know where we need to be."

And then there's the challenge of trying to play really good football in the biggest game of the year after a one month layoff.

"And there's a lot of challenges that go with that and we saw some of that in 2010," said Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn. "Hopefully, I can use that experience to get us off to a faster start. You know when the defensive coordinator has 30 days to break everything down, there's a lot of things that go with that and you've just got to predict on the adjustments and what they're gonna take away. And there's a feeling out period when you have a 30 day layoff because it's not normal. So there will be a feeling out period I'm sure on both sides, and after the first quarter things will probably settle down."

Both coaches also posing with the championship trophy, each hoping they'll be the one hoisting it late Monday night.

Be sure to check back in with us leading up to the game Monday night at 7:30 central, as Scott continues to bring you everything BCS from right on site. Coverage you can only get here on NewsChannel 7 Sports.