Florida State Locks Up 2 Seed in ACC Tourney

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Tallahassee, FL-- The Florida State Seminoles beat the Clemson Tigers to lock in the 2 seed at the ACC Tournament.

The video attached should show the following highlights:

We'll pick it up in a one-one game in the third when Marcus Davis sends a shot to right field getting in D.J. Stewart.

2-1 'Noles.

Same inning John Nogowski hits a grounder, ball gets under the glove of the third baseman and thanks to some great coaching down the third base line, the runner scores with ease.

3-1 Seminoles.

Now to the 6th Seth Miller at the plate and delivers a line drive back up the middle.

That scores 2 giving the Seminoles a comfortable 5-1 lead.

Now a play that will get baseball and football fans excite, starting Quarterback Jameis Winston guns out a Clemson runner trying to get from first to third.