Florida State Football

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher, right, isn't taking any chances with quarterback Christian Ponder.

In his first year at the helm at FSU, Jimbo Fisher is actually having to deal with the thought of his players getting too full of themselves. That's right, FSU now getting it's fair share of love from the media and fans alike. It's been earned, since the 'noles have come back strong from that beating in Norman....impressive wins over BYU, Wake, Virginia and Miami has Florida State back up to number 16 in the polls, and 22 point favorites as they get set to host Boston College. So now it's a matter of keeping the guys grounded...and focused!

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"You know they have to understand, it's goals, they have to reach goals. How do I get to my goal, how do I climb the mountain. I gotta climb this part of the mountain. Everybody wants to get to the top, but remember there's rocky footing all the way through it. And you have to make sure you do it right. That's our message to 'em right now."

Game time Saturday at Doak set for noon.

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