Florida State and Florida drop out of the A.P. Top 25 after each losing Saturday.

To college basketball news and it's right back out of the A.P. top 25 for the Seminoles and Gators. Both those squads losing conference road games Saturday, costing each enough votes to push them out of the rankings. The Seminoles absolutley thumped at Clemson Saturday, FSU started cold and never really challenged. So FSU after jumping into the poll for the first time all season at #22, dropping out. The Gators played a bit better at Ole Miss, but still came away with a 7 point loss, so Florida out of the poll after jumping back in at #24 last week.
The Coaches poll though keeping Florida ranked at number 23, where they were last week. Both FSU and Florida back at it tomorrow, 'noles host Wake, the Gators #19 Vandy.