Florida State preps for the Sweet 16 matchup with V.C.U. while dealing with the excitement of making it this far.

Tallahassee, FL-- The Florida State Seminoles not exactly in uncharted waters, but let's face it, it's not been a common occurrence for the 'noles to be playing in the sweet 16. In fact their game friday against V-C-U will mark their first visit there since '93.
FSU taking care of Texas A and M and two seed Notre Dame already, sending them into Friday's matchup in San Antonio. Suffice it to say the FSU faithful are pysched to still be playing here in mid march.

Derwin Kitchen
FSU Sr. Guard

"It's crazy, it's crazy. Everywhere you walk people are coming up to you and telling you congratulations. That's a pretty good feeling when you got people that's rooting for you and pulling for you."

Leonard Hamilton
FSU Head Coach

"Well anytime you have the opportunity to participate for a national championship it inspires you, motivates you, gets you excited. But the bottom line is we have to maintain an even keel and focus. Just having an opportunity to be here is not necessarily what our intentions are, we want to make sure we go out and perform well."

That game Friday set for 9 central in San Antonio. FSU is favored by 3.