Florida heads to Tallahassee with its rivalry win streak on the line

GAINESVILLE, Fla- There's a big matchup set for Tallahassee come Saturday afternoon, Florida at FSU.

Kind of a bummer that those two have lost 7 games combined, the Gators owning four of those losses. For that reason, Urban Meyer's likely to really play up the "rivalry" factor as he gets his guys prepped for this one.

"I think it's all team-to-team. I just go back to the '08 team. The
'08 team didn't need to be told it was a rivalry," Meyer said. "The '08 team was executing at an extremely high level, so the focus was on, keep executing at an extremely high level. The '09 team, I would say the same. They were executing on a very, very high level, and this one's a little different. We're obviously not executing at a very high level, and we've got a bunch of young guys. So there might be a little more emphasis on the rivalry than maybe the last two years."

The Gators have won 6 straight in the series by an average score of 36-11. It's worth noting though the 3 Florida players who scored t-d's in last year's game, Tebow, Hernandez and Cooper, are now in the NFL. That Florida-Florida State game set for 3:30 eastern Saturday. The Seminoles opening as two point favorites.

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