Floyd Takes Out Ad to Thank Gator Fans

Gainesville, FL---You will have to search long and hard to find a move by a college scholarship athlete that is as classy a move made by University of Florida junior Sharrif Floyd. Yet in many ways, it was a very simple idea!

Floyd's saying thank you and doing it in a very public forum.

The junior defensive lineman out of Philadelphia chose to jump early to the NFL draft, but took the time to purchase a full page ad in the Gainesville Sun a few days ago to say thank you to the members of Gator Nation.

In the ad Shariff tells Gator fans they've become his family the past three years as he's grown as a student, an athlete and a person.

He says they won together, lost together and bled together.

He calls the decision to jump to the NFL early was tough and promises he'll be back to cheer on the Gators in the coming years. He ends it saying "thanks to all UF students, professors, coaches and administrators" signing it sincerely, Sharrif Floyd, Gator for Life.

If only all those who get their school paid for were so expressive and appreciative. Here is a link to see the ad and read more of what Floyd has to say to Gator Nation.