Former Bay High Star Thornton Pumped for First Packers Preseason Game

Green Bay, WI---The Green Bay Packers are now just three days away from their first preseason game, and that means these are likely anxious days for Bay alum Khyri Thornton.

The Packers third round pick is expected to get plenty of time on the field Saturday night when the Pack travels to Tennessee.

Thornton's working to earn a roster spot and carve out some playing time on Green Bay's defensive line this August. That effort kicks into high gear in Nashville Saturday.

"I've not seen a different color jersey in front of me since January, since the all-star game (the NFLPA Bowl). So I'm ready to put the pads on and play somebody else."

Khyri was then asked by reporters if he would get butterflies before the first preseason game.

"I've always had butterflies, every game I played in college. Until that initial contact there's always gonna be butterflies."

"Learning the playbook, learning everything on the fly, that's been the toughest adjustment," said Thornton. "Trying to cope with everything, trying to adjust to everything, while the speed of the game, it's faster than what I imagined. And that said it would be when I got on the next level, but you truly don't know it until you're in that position. I think I'm doing okay. I can get better every day, I'm working to get better every day. Right now I'm not complacent with how I'm doing, there's always room for improvement."