Former Mosley Star Gets Probation for Assault Conviction

Panama City, FL---Former Mosley football star Enrique Davis is avoiding a prison sentence. Davis given probation instead of prison time for his conviction earlier this month.

That conviction for battery on a police officer. That stemming from an incident last spring, Davis seen urinating in public at a PCB night club.

An officer approached and tried to ticket Davis, who then slammed his elbow into the officer's face and upper body, causing a concussion, among other injuries to the officer.

Davis facing up to 5 years for that conviction, instead judge Elijah Smiley sentenced him to 3-years probation and fined him 6 grand.

Davis signed with Auburn as a highly touted recruit in oh-7. Bad grades forced him to junior college and he eventually wound-up at Ole Miss from oh-8 to 2011.

Injuries, inconsistent performance and an arrest hampered his collegiate career there.