Former FSU defensive guru Mickey Andrews meeting up with P.C. Seminole boosters Friday night.

Panama City, FL--Now to a former college ball coach, making his way to our area Friday night. Former FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews speaking to the P.C. area Seminole Club. After 47 years in the game, 25 with FSU, Mickey retired back in oh-9. We asked him how often he gets back to to the football facilities to hang with the current players.

Mickey Andrews
Former FSU Def. Coordinator

Well I didn't go around an awful lot the first Spring, or even before the season started this past Fall. I just wanted to let the players get away from me and get with their new coaches and whatever. But they've got good honey fried chicken over there in the cafeteria every Friday, so when that season, or the practice gets started, "i'll get back there a little more often then."

Mickey says he's heading up to Canton Ohio early next month for Deion's Hall of Fame enshrinement.