Freeport Athlete Takes Silver at AAU Nationals

Freeport, FL-- The decathlon is one of the marquee Olympic events, and who knows, Freeport High School and our area as a whole just may be represented in the men's decathlon come 2016 in Rio de Janeiro!

Freeport junior to be Gabe Moore celebrating a silver medal at the AAU National Junior Olympics in Humble Texas over the weekend.

He missed gold by just a few points. Gabe took first in five of the ten events, he was 2nd in two others, had a 3rd and 2 4th place finishes.
Below is the listing of those total points and the events Gabe won.

Moore returned home to Freeport Monday, and told me over the phone he's pretty excited about that silver medal, calling it a great experience adding "it's good to know I'm at the top of the totem pole in terms of competing with the best in the nation in my age group."

Gabe says he has two years to hone his skills before going on to college to continue competing in track and field, and/or football. At this point he says he's leaving his options open.

Moore's going to be the starting q-b for Jim Anderson and the Bulldogs this fall. Coach Anderson telling me everyone at Freeport is really proud of Gabe, he's a great athlete, really intelligent, is extremely coachable, as Anderson puts it, you won't find a more likeable young man and student athlete.

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