Freeport Prepares for Rematch with Northview

Freeport, FL---Jim Anderson and his Freeport Bulldogs are working through yet another Thanksgiving Holiday week.

They hit the road last week for a 1-A playoff opener at Graceville and were good enough to come away with a 26-21 win.

So the Bulldogs now 6-5 overall get a rematch with Northview, the champs of the district they share, and the team that beat Freeport back in October 42-0. To say the least, says coach Anderson, the Bulldogs know those Chiefs very well.

"It will be the 6th time we've played Northview in about 25 and a half months. We're pretty familiar with them. They're a very good team, talented, well coached they're just loaded. And they've done a very good job, they're hitting on all cylinders. They've got an excellent offense that people notice, they notice they score a lot of points, but the big thing is they play really good defense. They've got a lot of good, physical players. They've got some speed, and it's gonna be a tough ballgame. We're preparing for it. We're looking forward to playing, we're excited because anything can happen but they are a tough opponent."

Coach Anderson by the way choosing not to practice his guys on Thanksgiving, unlike in recent years. He says he'd rather his kids spend the extra time Thursday with their families and friends celebrating the holiday.

That game Friday night at Northivew set for a 7:30 start. A win there puts Freeport into the state 1A semifinals.

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