Freeport embraces underdog role heading into Region Championship

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FREEPORT, Fla- It's been an incredible season for the Freeport Bulldogs. First year coach Shaun Arntz is guiding the team to not only a district championship, but for the first time in the program's history, two state playoff wins. That has the Dog's preparing to host powerhouse NFC Friday night in the 2-A region final.

After winning the District championship the Freeport Bulldogs have played their way into the school's first ever Regional Championship game after wins over Vernon, and Bozeman, and they've done it by just having fun out there.

"They're playing like little league," Arntz said. "They're running off the field after the third out and just so much energy. Ever since we came into the district we've just been playing with so much energy and as a team."

"Having fun is the key to what we do. We come out here everyday and try our hardest, and if we didn't have fun we didn't try our hardest 9 times out of 10," Senior 2nd baseman Jake Fannin said. "We just all have to come together and play."

Unlike their opponents, North Florida Christian, not many people, if any, picked the Bulldogs to be in this game. Since they're already known as the dogs, they figure they might as well be Underdogs.

"We felt like that in the district championship game. As you say we're playing with house money, nobody expected us to be here. we can definitely sneak up on you. That's definitely exciting to be in that role. At Freeport we're usually in that underdog role. We have kids that play football, and basketball that have been in that role in the last couple seasons. So, we thrive on that role."

Underdogs or not this team knows it only takes one loss for their unexpected run to end.

"We come out here to practice like this is the last Wednesday you ever come out here to practice, or this is the last Thursday. Fortunate for us we get to play on the line in our home field, in front of our home fans and in our hometown."

They're hoping the home field advantage and great play at the right time will keep their season going.

The game is set for Friday night at Freeport starting at 7 p.m. central.

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