Freeport prepares for a rematch with Northview and their 1A Region Final.

Are the Freeport Bulldogs good enough to make a return trip to the State football semifinals? We'll find that out in a couple of nights as coach Anderson and his troops host Northview in the 1-A region finals.This a rematch of their district game played back on October 15th, which the Dog's won 27-13. That turned out to be
¶the Chiefs only loss. Since then they've won 5 in a row, by a combined 157-to-33, including last week's 20-to-7 playoff win over Blountstown.

Jim Anderson
Freeport Head Coach

"Well I tell you what they've got a lot of talent. They've got fine coaches, they got a lot of speed, a lot of size, they definitely outmatch us all the way around. They got twice the students, twice the players, probably twice the coaches, twice the talent and we were fortunate to beat 'em the first time. So we're really gonna have to have a good week of practice and we're really gonna have to play well on Friday to be comepetitive in that game."

Coach Anderson certainly not giving Northview any bulletin board material there. That game at Freeport Friday night a 7:30 kickoff, and we'll have the highlights for you that night at ten.