Freeport prepares for its shot at a Region Title

FREEPORT, Fla-Freeport is this area's lone team still playing this week. The Dogs are prepping for the 2-A region final Friday against North Florida Christian, a game the Bulldogs will host. It will be the first time ever a Freeport baseball team has played in a region final.

"We've worked hard all season to get to this point. We've definitely exceeded our expectations and anybody who had any about us," Head Coach Shaun Arntz said. "We've been fortunate enough to have this whole week to prepare. We're going to be playing a really talented team that scored 31 runs in two playoff games. So, we've got to be on our best to be able to compete with them."

Arntz is a first year head coach, and having a pretty good rookie season. The Bulldogs 15-10, the Eagles 24-4. That game Friday 7 central.

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