Freshman QB leads Gators into Death Valley

GAINESVILLE, Fla- The Gators have a huge task in terms of trying to move the ball against the Tigers with freshman QB Jeff Driskel under center. That certainly puts more pressure on the Florida Defense as it looks to stop the two LSU quarterbacks Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson.

"They're gonna major in the two back run game and that's what they do well, and the play actions off of that. They obviously have the gun run, runs that they've run with Jarrett. But he has not been a guy that's pulled the ball as much as Jordan Jefferson would. So you've got to prepare for both of those situations and just be aware when he's in the ballgame and that's as much as anything, just have some good awareness defensively."

Lee's been the starter so far with Jefferson under suspension until last week. Regardless of who's taking the snaps, the Gators must play great D if they want to have any chance of pulling off the upset. Game time in Baton Rouge 2:30 central.

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