Friday Morning Sports Wrap

Good morning all, we start today with world cup fervor. Team USA losing to Germany 1-0 Thursday, but still advancing to the round of 16 because it owned the tiebreaker over Portugal.

So the U.S. Team still playing. Perhaps that will bring more fans out to watch our area's local United Soccer League team.

The Panama City Beach Pirates will host Fort Lauderdale tonight at the Gavlak Complex, hoping to improve on a 2-4-2 record.

"I do sense that." says Pirates head coach Greg DeVito. "They come to the stadium and the soccer fans are not only talking about the Pirates, but they are talking about the nations in the World Cup, their performances. The wins, the losses, the crazy stories. So I'm seeing a huge boost in morale and spirit and just overall passion for soccer in the United States, and I couldn't be more happy."

That home match tonight set for 7:15, highlights at ten.

To American football and the chance for area kids to get instruction at the annual Champ Camp at Bozeman today and tomorrow.

"We're excited to be here." says Anthony "Champ" Kelly, the event organizer who is also the Denver Broncos' Asst. Director of Pro Personnel. "Florida's my home state. This area's home to me. So we're excited to come back here for two days, we work with the local youth. Kids ages 10-18. And most importantly, we try to instill the message of C.H.A.M.P., which is character, heart, attitude, motivation, and pride. It's about making these kids better both on and off the field. We want them be able to make better decisions and life and be successful in whatever they do

This the 5th year the Champ Camp has been held in the region. 8 to 1 today 8:30 to 2 Saturday.

Finally to golf, Bay senior to be Samuel Mclane among the 500 or so golfers taking part in the annual future masters at the Dothan Country Club.

A 3 handicap, playing in the 15-18 age group, Sam admittedly did not have his best day, a 9 over 79.

He believes he'll need 70 or better today to make the cut and play tomorrow. Still he says it's an honor to play in the Future Masters, which dates back to 1950.

That does it for me this morning I'll see you at 6 and 10.