GCT Doles Out Money to Local Charities

Panama City Beach, FL---Tuesday turned into a big day for some local charities thanks to the Gulf Coast Triathlon.

That non profit event, just past it's 30th year, handing out several thousand dollars to 4 charities.

3 grand handed out each to the Panama City Marine Institute, the PCB Cops for Kids program, and the Panama City Swim Team.
And a thousand dollars to Bay County Surf and Rescue.

"As a board member I think we look at the race often times as an end to a means." says Steve Moss. "It's an opportunity for us to not only throw a great race, but also to really generate a lot of funds that we're able to give back to the community. And so I like it in that we're able to give back to folks that are affected most by our race. Because let's face it folks don't like to wait in the traffic the day of the race, and there's a lot more people on the beach. So this is a small way of giving back to them and saying we appreciate your patience and we appreciate your support of the race for 30 years."

Steve says the GCT has handed more than 750 thousand dollars to local charities in those 30 years.

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