Gators Hit the Field for the Start of Spring Practice

Gainesville, FL---Hard to believe but here we are talking college football, with players out on the field practicing.

The University of Florida getting it's 3 weeks of spring practice under way Thursday!

Head coach Will Muschamp heading into his third season on the job there. His team 7-6 in year one, 11-2 last year.

Florida actually flirted with national championship contention until the loss to Georgia in late October.

The Gators lose a lot of the talent responsible for that, both seniors and juniors alike, so finding new starters across the field is one priority.

Another, working to get improved play from Jeff Driskel, who with the transfer of Jacoby Brissett, will get all the first team snaps in spring. Simply put, unless Driskel improves big time, Florida will have a very tough time winning come the fall. Coach Muschamp feels like Driske's set up for big time improvement this spring.

"I think Jeff really attacked the off season from a mental standpoint, as far as film is concerned. And really studied what he can to be a better quarterback. And that's part of the maturation process in becoming a better player, in understanding what you've got to do to be successful."

Florida's Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease agrees with all of that.

"This kid's invested a lot up to this point, getting back in and watching some film. And a lot of it is based on understanding the protections a lot better. And when he has to get rid of the ball and where he has to see his reads. Just seeing the field a lot better, as a quarterback, seeing what the coverages are doing. Trying to get the balls to guys and understanding how they're trying to attack him, confuse him."

The Gators will continue to work until April 6th when they host the annual Orange and Blue game at Florida Field.