Gators Softball Celebrates First National Title in Gainesville

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Gainesville, FL---On Tuesday, the Florida Gators were celebrating winning their first national championship in school history.

Problem was, they were in Oklahoma City. In case you weren't sure, there's not a lot of UF fans in OKC.

When the team returned home Wednesday, they partied in style with the Florida faithful, enjoying achieving something everyone involved will never forget.

"One of the things you can't measure is just how good of people we have on this team," said Head Coach Tim Walton. "You could see it in Oklahoma City. And we only have two All-Americans, and I think that was a great thing that happened to us. Because we got 17 players that completely bought into not only the prgram, but how we're gonna do it. They all accepted their roles and that's why we were able to go out there in Oklahoma City, and I don't want to say make it look that easy, because it was not. But they made it look that easy."

Walton went on to that just like how once your a Gator, you're always a Gator, once your a champion, you're always a champion.