Gators Hit Omaha

Omaha, NE-- Wedmesdau was travel day for teams heading to Omaha for the College World Series. That included the Florida Gators who went to Omaha hoping the third time is the charm.

For the Gators this is a third straight trip to the College World Series, so with the exception of South Carolina, which is also making a third consecutive trip, Florida has more experience out there than anyone.

"I definitely feel more relaxed than the last two years." says senior pitcher Hudson Randall. "The freshman group we're gonna try and take 'em under our wing and keep 'em calm throughout this whole thing. But it's just gonna be a lot of fun for everybody."

Florida Pitcher/Infielder Brian Johnson was asked if when he looks at what they've learned the last couple of years, does he take that into this experience coming back again?

"For sure" Johnson replied "you take what you've learned and try to give it to the guys who haven't been here before. And try to coach them through it. You know excited for sure. Everyone sets a goal out, try to reach the goal, certain times. But this where you ultimately want to be, everybody's oh and oh, and see what happens."

As it happens the 47-18 Gators open up Saturday against 45-17 South Carolina. The Gamecocks two time defending champs, though Florida won 3 out of 4 between the two this season.