Gene Chizik talks about studying that prolific Oregon offense as he preps the Tigers for their BCS title game.

Like he has been all season, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was stoic and all-business Friday during warmups at the Georgia Dome for the SEC title game.

Even though the BCS title game is some three weeks away, it's safe to say Auburn's Gene Chizik has seen plenty of tape at this point, as he studies that prolific Oregon offense and he's rather impressed.

Gene Chizik
Auburn Head Coach

"You know their team speed is outstanding. Their scheme is very formation oriented, offensively in terms of giving you different looks. Running basically the same things every week as you can imagine, but do a great job of scheming you to get you obviously to misfit gaps. The tempo of the game certainly helps in that regard for them, but they do a great job of keeping the tempo up and moving around the formations and trying to get you in a position where you're not lined up correctly, so and it's pretty much worked every week."

By the way Chizik's BCS title game counterpart Chip Kelly winning the A.P. Coach of the year honor Tuesday, getting 24 of the 55 first place votes cast, Chizik got 17.

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