The Hombre Golf Club is hosting yet again
the National Christian College Athletic Association men's golf championship. 18 schools competing from all over the country, from states including Indiana, Minnesota, South Carolina and so on, with five players each competing, so 90 golfers total.
The players with 36 holes Monday, and another 18 Tuesday. This the green on 17 which denied birdies and even pars to some, and then yielded birdies to others....this is Danny Dippell of North Greenville in South Carolina, bird on the par 5 hole.
Certainly all those coming in for the event thrilled with all aspects of the event in P.C. Beach!

Dan Wood
NCCAA Executive Director

"This is our, I think 5th year down here at the Hombre. The coaches about three years ago decided that Panama City, Edgewater, Majestic for housing, Hombre for golf is somewhat a long term home and it's been a great partnership for the National Christian College organization. Great golf course, great weather, kids are staying on the beach, it's not hard to get 'em down here."

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