Graceville Tigers Prepare for 2013 With New Coach at the Helm

Graceville, FL---Our continuing coverage of high school football fall camps, we're heading up to the northwest corner of Jackson County, where the Tigers of Graceville call home.

That program, like many others in our region, under the guidance of a new head coach. Ty Wise taking over for Mark Beach who moved to Marianna this winter.

Wise looking to build upon an 8-3 2012 record and he'll do it with a good base of players returning, including much of the offensive line, the starting q-b and running back.

The team obviously wanting another taste of last year's success, given how productive Wise says, the players were in the off season.

"Well I think we're a little tougher." coach Wise says. "We've gotten bigger, stronger, faster which was our emphasis in the off season. We've got some guys that are battled tested that are returning and I think they're starting to assume the role of leader. And that's really going to be interesting to see how much their leadership carries us this season."

No doubt it's always a bit tricky going from one coach to another, but Wise believes the kids are adjusting well enough.

"I feel like there's a little bit of camaraderie that's building and growing. And that's something that you can never really get enough of. We're gonna continue that process and hopefully by the time we get to playing football games, as a team, we'll be united."

Graceville takes on Holmes in a fall classic next week then opens the regular season at Baker.