Grand Slam Holds 10th Annual Battle at the Beach Baseball Blast

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Panama City Beach, FL---Much like the weather, action on the youth circuit is heating up as the summer gets going. This afternoon over at Frank Brown Park, Grand Slam Sports returned to the Beach for their 10th annual Battle at the Beach Baseball Blast.

Over 40 teams, some as young as 8, some as old as 14, have made the trip to Panama City Beach to square off in the two day event, traveling from as far as Alabama, Georgia, and even Texas, to as close as Bay County.

The event comes three days before Grand Slam's grandest stage, their 2014 World Series, as this tournament serves as a run through for the organization. One where less concentration is put on championships and winners, and more on putting on a great event for the kids.

"Anytime we can put on a great event for the kids out here and they can play this great game of baseball, we feel like we're doing the right thing and we're doing our job," says Jason Thompson, vice president of Grand Slam Sports. "I'm a high school coach, so I love being around kids. And for me to come during the summer time and be able to be around 8 year old kids and watch them smile and have a good time playing the game, that's what it's all about."

All age group championships will be decided up tomorrow, while Wednesday will mark the beginning of the first session of the 2014 World Series.