Grantham Talks About His Bulldogs' Success

Bristol, FL---The Liberty Bulldogs continue to work towards a game that could earn them a berth in the 1A state championship game next week in Orlando.

At 10-2 so far, coach Grantham's bunch is getting set to host 9-3 Northview in the 1A state semifinals Friday. The Bulldogs playing their way to this point by going 4-0 in district play and adding two playoff wins so far. None of that says Grantham, happens by accident!

"Well we have great kids, they've worked extremely hard. They've been very coachable all year. They may not be the most talented bunch but they're extremely coachable and they play hard every Friday night. They care about what they're doing, I think that's the key to what we do."

And what Liberty does is win! The only two losses this season coming against 5A Bay and 4A Marianna. They're ten and oh against 1A teams. If they can make that 11 and oh Friday by beating Northview, they'll get a berth in the state championship game next week in Orlando.

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