Greg McElroy talks about the pressure the Auburn offense puts on him and the Alabama offense as the Iron Bowl nears.

To college ball and the big matchup set for Byrant-Denny Stadium come Friday afternoon. The 9-2 and 9th ranked Crimson Tide hosting 11-and-oh and 2nd ranked Tigers of Auburn.
One of the big questions heading into this one, can the Tide slow down the Newton express, which is averaging 43 points a game, 5th best in the nation.
That Tigers offense certainly putting pressure on the 'bama dee to be well prepared, but it's also adding pressure to the Tide offense, because as McElroy puts it, they know they're going to have to put up some big numbers Friday.

Greg McElroy
Alabama Quarterback

"....We just need to be methodical, and score points, make the most of every opportunity every time we get in the red zone, we gotta get points out of it, whether that's a touchdown or a field goal. We have to walk away feeling positive about that drive, something we haven't done as well, you know finishing in the red area. We haven't done that quite as well as we would have liked to. There's room for improvement and of course we got another few days to tighten up the screws and get things ready to go."

Oh by the way, the Tide offense ranked 20th with 35 points per game. So we should expect a shootout. Kickoff just after 2:30.